Augspurger TREO 812-V System


Building on the theme of providing compact, full-range monitoring systems with in-built subwoofer, we are pleased to present the Treo 812-V 3-way full-range active monitor designed for modern recording and production.

The vertically oriented cabinet provides the extraordinary power and detail of any Augspurger system in a wonderfully elegant format that offers an efficient integration into the listening environment with minimal footprint. The Treo 812-V utilizes the same driver complement as the 812 CFM, providing legendary sonic precision with extended low frequency extension. Augspurger Power SXE-3D networkable amps deliver powerful DSP for the ultimate system control and acoustical integration into your environment.

With its elegantly compact cabinet (under 36″H) the Augspurger Treo 812-V monitor system is designed for personal-sized working and listening spaces where accuracy and dynamics are required. By incorporating our unique CIC (cab-in-cab) technology we are able to seamlessly integrate our 12” sub-bass cabinet into the main system. This arrangement perfectly time-aligns all frequencies and delivers a high-impact listening experience with subtle mix details clearly revealed, all from a surprisingly compact floor-standing enclosure. The Treo 812-V also excels as either main L/C/R speakers or as surround channels in larger theater environments.

Sporting in-room frequency response of 24 Hz – 20 kHz and output of 124 dB SPL, Augspurger continues to establish a new market standard in powerful, full-range personal monitoring.

Each system is expertly hand built and tested in Hanover, MA USA. Treo 812-V users include Jay Z’s new Roc Nation label HQ in NYC and the Audio Engineers of Detroit.

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Dimensions 18.5 × 15.5 × 34.5 in


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Augspurger TREO 812-V System

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Product Dimensions

24.5"H x 15.5"W x 18.5"D

Dimensions below are for main speaker cabinets only. Contact your Augspurger representative for subwoofer dimensions and any questions about custom risers to accommodate proper listening height in your space.

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3-way active design featuring vertically arrayed drivers in MDF cabinets housing an 8” low/mid driver, a 4” 99.98% pure beryllium HF compression driver on our solid maple MF “Mid Focus” horn and a 12” integrated and isolated subwoofer, mounted on a 1.5” thick MDF front baffle.

System includes:

· Eight IsoBass Blocks for decoupling the cabinets from the risers,
· Two Augspurger Power SXE-3D 3-way DSP amplifiers,
· Two 15 ft. 4-conductor Klotz-AIS Speaker cables with NL-4 Speakon connectors (MF/HF),
· Two 15 ft. 2-conductor Klotz-AIS Speaker Cables with NL-2 Speakon connectors (LF),
· One Augspurger Network Switch with CAT cables.

Note: Equipment rack and vent plates shown above are not included.

Frequency Response: 24 Hz – 20 kHz
System Output: 124 dB SPL @ 2m with program material
Power (per channel;): 2U rack-mount Augspurger Power SXE-3D series Class D networkable amplifier 1-input/3-output. 2500W to LF, 1000W to MF, 300W to HF. Includes active DSPtune software for complete system control, including crossover, limiting, phase, driver alignment, levels and equalization.
Weight: 125 lbs / 56.7 kg
Finishes: A durable and attractive matte black is our standard finish. Custom automotive finishes available to match any décor and theme.

No variations on the Treo 812 CFM
Accessories include custom speaker stands
Custom speaker cabling and Iso-BASS decoupling blocks additional