Augspurger® SubMax SXE2x2 DSPTune enabled amplifier


Up until now, adding subwoofers to your system accurately has been difficult due to interactions with the main full range speakers, placement, and the room. While there’s some subwoofers with tuning tools, never has there been a system to truly allow the user to control the entire system and tune the users existing speakers with subwoofer/s in the room. The new Augspurger SubMax systems can both provide high power subwoofer oriented amplifier outputs and two DSP controllable outputs allowing connection of the users Nearfield or Main monitors to an Augspurger equipped subwoofer system.
The presets include tunings for all major studio speakers and offers 10 band fully parametric equalization on subwoofers outputs, satellite outputs, 10 band parametric input EQ, and other tools to control the complete system. The system includes Augspurger new SXE2x2 DSPTune enabled amplifier and any one or two of 6 different subwoofer boxes to complete your system. Subs come in single or double 12,15 &18 and each system can power one or two cabinets either 1500w @ 8 ohm, .003% THD

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Augspurger® SubMax SXE2x2 DSPTune enabled amplifier

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"H x "W x "D

Dimensions below are for main speaker cabinets only. Contact your Augspurger® representative for subwoofer dimensions and any questions about custom risers to accommodate proper listening height in your space.

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Augspurger’s new SubMax SXE2x2 DSPTune enabled amplifier. The new SubMax systems can provide both high power subwoofer oriented amplifier outputs (1500w @ 8 ohm) and two DSP controllable outputs allowing connection of the users nearfield or main monitors to Augspurger single or double 12/15/18 inch subwoofer systems. Presets offer 10-band fully parametric EQ on sub outputs and system input, satellite outputs, and other setup tools.