Augspurger® Classic 215H-Sub 218-SXE3/3500


Two-way active main monitor cabinets loaded with two 15” LF driver and one 4″ high compression driver with beryllium diaphragm on an Augspurger® designed rock maple wood horn. These main cabs are paired with two double 18″ subwoofers.
Each 3-way channel is powered by two SXE-3D three-way Class D amplifier (2500w, 1000W & 300W) with Active DSP providing crossover, limiting, driver alignment and system equalization & control software mounted in a 2U rack-mount chassis. Also included are four 15 ft Klotz premium speaker cables and a network switch with cables. (Note: amp rack and vent plates seen above not included).

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Dimensions23.25 × 37.5 × 34 in

Augspurger® Classic 215H-Sub 218-SXE3/3500

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Product Dimensions

34"H x 37.5"W x 20"D

Dimensions below are for main speaker cabinets only. Contact your Augspurger® representative for subwoofer dimensions and any questions about custom risers to accommodate proper listening height in your space.

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At first glance the latest Augspurger® Classic may look like the legendary mains system that has been in top studios since the 1970’s, but with our advanced construction techniques, new generation of drivers and powerful Class D audiophile amps with DSP tuning resources, these Classics achieve new levels of power, precision and resolution.

We’ve taken the original design and enhanced its proportions while incorporating advanced CNC construction for increased cabinet stiffness and refining every edge and seam to provide a smooth visual flow to the system face.

During development of new driver technologies, extensive testing resulted in a unique LF/MF woofer design which is highly sensitive, smooth in response through its operating band and capable of handling the prodigious power our SXE-3D amps can produce. These become a perfect match to our acclaimed 99.97% pure beryllium HF diaphragm, which when incorporated into our compression driver and loaded into our rock maple horn yields a remarkably efficient and sensitive (nearly 110 dB output w/1 watt!) HF device.

Our horns are part of the magic of the Augspurger® sound, delivering a 70 x 110 degree window of direct sound, putting our HF device at least 3 dB “ahead” of traditional HF dome technologies in reducing secondary reflections and room interaction. In short, these special components come together to bring a richly musical and accurate reproduction of the input signal while minimizing room interference.

The Classic has proven itself in countless studios worldwide, yet modern recording techniques and musical styles demand even more. That’s why we offer perfectly matching LF extension cabinets in either single or double 18” configurations. With 2500 W per cabinet driving these LF cabs (we try not to call them ‘subwoofers’!) the user immediately enters a world of “limitlessness” in terms of resolution, power and musical clarity.

A full 3-way Classic system will deliver in-room frequency response of 21Hz – 20kHz ±3dB and output of 129-130 dB SPL. Augspurger® continues to establish a new market standard in powerful, full-range professional monitoring.

Each system is expertly hand built and tested in Hanover, MA USA. Classic 215-H customers are too many to count, and include Snoop Dogg, TC Zhou, DJ Mustard, Logic, Jaycen Joshua and many others worldwide.

Frequency Response: 21 Hz – 20 kHz (3-way config)
System Output: 128-130 dB SPL @ 2m with program material (3-way config)
Weight: 245 lbs / 111.13 kg
Finishes: A durable and attractive Matte Black is our standard finish. Custom automotive finishes available to match any décor and theme.

Variations on the Classic 215H system:
• Classic 215H -SXE-3D “Sub Ready”
• Classic 215H -Sub 18-SXE-3D
• Classic 215H -Sub 218-SXE-3D