Augspurger® SXE-3D 3-way DSP networked amplifier


Augspurger® Power SXE-3D now delivers rack mount amplification solution that rivals our renowned plate amps in sound quality and ruggedness.

This 3-way powerhouse drives up to 2500W RMS (@4ohms to the subwoofer band, ensuring nearly limitless dynamics while supporting the Low/Mid band with 1000W and our (16 ohm) highly sensitive rock maple hand-built HF horns with beryllium diaphragms receive 300W RMS!

Features include 120 dB of dynamic range, ultra-low IM distortion and THD=N, and audiophile quality 24-bit/96kHz ADC/DAC with low .06ms latency. The SXE series is fully networkable and well-suited for any multichannel audio environment, with DSP control via the front panel LCD display or computer driven network (Ethernet) DSP.

Musical and powerful on-board DSP allows for real time personalized configuration and monitoring with DSPtune software control over a range of system parameters, including ten parametric filters on each input and output, plus crossover, delays, phase and more! 100 memory presets allow for various tuning curves to address individual customer/engineer/producer needs, genre type, or task (tracking, mixing, mastering, etc.).

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Weight22 lbs

Augspurger® SXE-3D 3-way DSP networked amplifier

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Audiophile-grade Class D amplifier with on-board DSP. 1 in/3 out system. Two analog inputs and one AES/EBU digital input available. Intuitive DSPtune software (Mac/PC) offers complete control of all parameters.

  • LF = 2500W RMS, MF= 1000W RMS, HF=1000W RMS
  • DSP control of crossover, delay, phase, true RMS compressor, limiters, input and output EQ (10 per, totaling 40)
  • Filter types include: Shelving, Bell, Notch, HPF, LPF, AllPass
  • DSPtune software for Mac OS or Win PC (v7, 8, 10)
  • Intelligent ultra low-noise cooling
  • Freq. Resp. 10Hz – 40kHz
  • 96 kHz Sampling Rate
  • 120 dB Dynamic Range