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Cover Story: Inside Jaycen Joshua’s Canton House Studios
Seven-time Grammy-winning engineer Jaycen Joshua spent the early part of the pandemic working with Dave Malekpour of Professional Audio Design on the build-out of his new multi-room, stereo and Atmos, residential facility, dubbed Canton House Studios. Photo: Chris Schmitt.

MIX Online’s article by Steve Harvey takes us on a journey through the sonic realm of Canton House Studios, the result of a collaborative venture between Grammy-Award winner mix engineer, Jaycen Joshua and Pro Audio Design’s founder and lead studio designer, Dave Malekpour.

Learn all about the “God Particle” plug-in by Cradle, the indispensable tool for Joshua’s mix chain and how it became the center-piece of Canton House in the shape of his tailor-made custom console with built-in rack modules reflecting his in-the-box workflowTake a look at how Joshua’s house garage ultimately became an avant-garde studio in the midst of 2020’s pandemic. A setup, complete with Dolby Atmos-equipped devices and top-of-the-line Augspurger® monitors.

Delve into Jaycen’s workflow and read all about how he shaped the sound of Grammy and Oscar award winner singles such as “Despacito” and “Fight for You” within Canton house and his insights on immersive mixes and how the industry will change in the next 10 years.

All of this and more, in the full article below

Photos by Chris Schmitt

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