Levels Episode 3: 50 Years of Hip-Hop Quad Studios NYC - Augspurger
Levels Episode 3: 50 Years of Hip-Hop Quad Studios NYC

In the latest episode of the “Levels” Podcast (hosted by Headliner), join Reggie Peters (Director of Marketing and Visitor Services), Eric Orr (Artist in Residence & Gift Shop Manager), and Elai Tubo (Sound Curator & Engineer) from The Hip Hop Museum interviewed at NYC’s Quad Studio, as they reminisce about 50 years of hip hop.

Explore the roots and rise of hip hop into mainstream culture, tracing its journey alongside the evolution of studio technology, and gain insights into the concept behind The Hip Hop Museum, strategically located in the genre’s birthplace – the South Bronx. They also discuss the pivotal role Augspurger® Monitors has played in shaping the sound of Hip Hop and how it continues to elevate studio monitoring experiences for top engineers and artists alike.

Don’t miss out on future podcasts in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned for the next episode featuring Five-times Grammy nominated, multi-platinum mixer, writer and producer Jean Marie Horvat.

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