Augspurger® Launches MinimaX, Delivering New Depths of Immersive Sound at Summer NAMM - Augspurger
Augspurger® Launches MinimaX, Delivering New Depths of Immersive Sound at Summer NAMM

July 12th 2021: Augspurger®, the studio monitor specialist, announces its new 2-way near-field monitoring solution, the MX-65 ‘MinimaX’, at Summer NAMM. Featuring many of the same high-end features as seen in its iconic SOLO and DUO series, the MX-series brings legendary Augspurger® sound and immersive capabilities to new audiences in a compact and portable package.

The first in a new MX-series from Augspurger®, MinimaX is built-in mirror-image pairs allowing for a wide variety of placement and applications. They can be positioned either horizontally or vertically thanks to the unique and rotatable solid maple horn (patent-pending) which operates across more than an impressive four octaves – perfect for classic audio recording and post-production rooms.

Enhanced Immersive Sound

Suitable for a vast array of listening environments, the MinimaX brings theatrical dynamics and precise details into a wide variety of spaces.

With Atmos-enabled facilities on the rise, the new MX-series meets the needs of the most discerning listener, delivering a super-focused and accurate sonic experience. It does this by enhancing the immersive features of Atmos, delivering 70 x 110 degree dispersion for extremely controlled, highly accurate directivity of the sound.

Equally at home on a console or desktop, MinimaX has been designed to provide a main monitor experience in a near-field position and is expandable to a full-range 3-way system with the addition of Augspurger® subwoofers. For larger playback theatres where sound needs to travel further, MinimaX can be complemented with Augspurger®’s SOLO range.

MinimaX also boasts a 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm, a signature feature carried through the entire Augspurger® product line, delivering all the sonic clarity and punch you’d expect from the brand’s larger speakers.

Ultimate Control, Flexibility and Portability

The DSP inside MinimaX’s onboard SXE Series amplifiers is accessed via Augspurger®’s own DSPtunesoftware (available for Mac and Win PC), providing complete setup and control of all parameters, including crossover, phase, group delay, limiting, and EQ to personally and perfectly tune MinimaX to the working and listening environment – so travelling engineers and artists can benefit from MX-series portability, without compromise.

MinimaX loudspeakers feature an attractive, modern design. The enclosures come in a variety of colours and finishes to blend seamlessly with any décor and can be positioned vertically or horizontally, on stands or wall-mounted to suit your needs.

The MX-series MinimaX makes its debut at Summer NAMM on the Augspurger® booth #212.

Pricing and Availability

The MX-65 is shipping in Q4 2021. USD 10,995.00/pair, including Augspurger® SXE Series amplification, exclusively from Pro Audio Design Inc (US only). Pre-orders can be placed immediately at Augspurger®.com.

For international sales enquiries, please contact

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