The ARX-400 Analog Reference Series amplifier is a two-channel system designed to bring out the finest performance from any pair of high-quality reference monitors or playback speakers. It delivers 400 pristine watts into 8 ohms along with ultra-fast transient response, lowest possible distortion and self-noise levels and warm and natural sound reproduction.

The ARX-400 will bring new life to near- and mid-field monitoring environments and improve accuracy in sound production and provide an enjoyable and enhanced listening experience.

Housed in a rugged 2U chassis, the recognizable and attractive Augspurger®-red face plate sports a standby power switch and two multi-functional LED indicators. Rear connections are via gold-plated professional-quality unbalanced RCA connectors and metal shell XLRs while output connectors are heavy-duty gold-plated banana connectors/binding posts.


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Product Dimensions


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Output Power @ 1% THD+N @1kHz (AES17 filter),
SE, RL = 8Ω 400W per channel
SE, RL = 4Ω 800W per channel
BTL, RL = 8Ω 1,400W (@230Vac)
1,350W (@120Vac)

THD+N (AES17 filter) @1kHz, 1W, RL = 8Ω 0,003%
Intermodulation distortion (CCIF),
SE, 18kHz and 19kHz, Po = 10W, RL= 8Ω 0.0008%
Transient Intermodulation distortion (TIM),
SE, Po = 10W 8Ω 0.002%
Dynamic Range, SE, Un-weighted/ A-weighted 118dB / 120dB
Weight: 17.5 lbs / 8 kg

֍ Master Power switch on the rear panel
֍ External power trigger available via a
AC/DC 4-15V 4-point Phoenix connector
֍ Selectable rear Input connecters
(RCA or XLR)
֍ Sensitivity Selection separately
available for each Input (gain switch 23
dB / 29 dB)
֍ Stereo or Bridged operation available
֍ Q/XQ (Quiet / Extra Quiet) fan control