Expert System Tuning

Once a system is delivered, whether it is free-standing or flush-mounted, care is taken to set up and position the monitor system correctly in the room. No amount of DSP can fix a poorly set-up system, so the time is taken to iron out the subtleties of positioning. Only then can our expert system tuners step in and create the
final magic.

Each Augspurger system is meticulously tuned to our decades-in-the-making reference mix curve, which ensures compatibility between other Augspurger-equipped studios around the world. By matching the response curves from studio to studio, clients can work in any Augspurger room worldwide and trust what they’re hearing — even at high listening levels when feeling the music is equally crucial.


Our Augspurger Power SXE Series amps can store up to 99 separate settings, allowing for our reference curve and a number of client-personalized settings. System tuning is among the most important aspects of Augspurger ownership, and room-to-room compatibility is one reason why we take it so seriously.

Another reason is the joy we see on the faces of our clients when a familiar mix reveals something new or the magic they infused into a certain song hits them with renewed detail and depth. When they are inspired they create better art, and for so many Augspurger Monitors are an essential part of that experience. Let us build a pair for you.

Put simply, every Augspurger system is hand-built with care and passion, with lasting quality, and personally and perfectly tuned to your space. And, we stand behind every system.








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