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Amps and Electronics

To further deliver a sense of limitless capability we power every system with powerful advanced D-Class amplifiers featuring low-noise and musical DSP for complete system control to provide personalized and perfect tuning to your room. Also available is a custom Augspurger® network switch panel, complete with front panel connectivity input to enable faster, smoother tuning sessions via live networking to all your amps.

A typical 3-way stereo system boasts 7,000 watts RMS, translating over 2500W for the LF band, nearly 1,000W for the mid band and 300W for the super high-sensitivity horn! Peak power output is even more – over 8,000 watts!

There is nearly always a ton of available headroom for the system, even under the most demanding conditions. Audiophile quality power meets low-noise high-rez DSP in our SXE Series amplifiers.






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