Rock Maple Horns - Augspurger
Rock Maple Horns

Our rock maple wood horns are legendary and provide a truly immersive listening experience, with a smooth response on and off axis out to the carefully engineered 70 x 110 degree listening window. This provides uncanny stereo imaging across a wide listening area whilst limiting unwanted reflections from ceiling, floor and walls.

Unlike a traditional dome tweeter hemispherical radiation the Augspurger® horn’s directivity puts more direct energy where you are and less where you aren’t!

The Augspurger® horn alone is comprised of 11 separate pieces of rock maple and takes many days to produce, involving milling of raw materials, cutting of blanks, CNC and shaping machine processing, hand sanding and more. There’s nothing quite like it in professional use today.

The sound is immersive, enveloping, dynamic and richly engaging. Whether your need is far field in a large professional studio using our improved Augspurger® horn design or in a more intimate setting using our own MF,  or 30% smaller MidFocus horn, the sound experience is the same. Perfectly optimized into your environment.


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