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Modern Cabinet Design & Construction

Every system is engineered for performance and built by master craftspeople using advanced CNC and shaping tools providing exacting consistency unit to unit. We use rugged MDF and HDF cabinet material, which is nearly inert, meaning non-resonant, and we use extra thick 1.5 inch front baffles and 1 inch sides and back with bracing as needed to further strengthen and reduce an unwanted resonances.

We are constantly examining our design and build process, evolving our materials and techniques to create better products. Such innovation keeps Augspurger® in a leadership position always on the cusp of what is possible in pursuit of sonic excellence.

This approach delivers cabinets which can withstand the enormous energy generated in daily use in top recording studios around the world. Every one of our Sub models extends to 20 Hz! 20Hz can hurt coming at you, but imagine being inside one of our subwoofers! That’s why we build them tough, while delivering the ultimate in precision! Our expanding product range provides monitoring solutions for nearly any size space.






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