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Free-Standing vs. Flush-Mounting

We know a thing or two about what makes a good sounding room good. We work closely with many of the world’s top studio designers and builders to ensure the room design will work and details are paid attention to.

Room dimensions and geometry, front wall design, primary listening areas, acoustic treatments all need to work together to create a space that sounds real, solid and inspiring. After all, there’s a good possibility next year’s Grammy winners will be produced in Augspurger® rooms!

Some basic considerations when choosing how in to install your Augspurger® monitor system include:


  •    Do you own your space or are you leasing? Designing and building a front wall for flush (or soffit)-mounting can be expensive and take up a lot of space.
  •    Placement is crucial in achieving best sonic results. Again, it is imperative the front wall design be totally accurate, taking into consideration height, width, forward tilt angle (if any), and focus angle (just the mix position or mix plus producer in rear of room?), acoustic treatments and so much more. Once the speakers are mounted in the wall, there’s not much chance of moving them!
  •    Benefits of a free-standing installation include smaller overall footprint, flexibility in fine-tuning positioning in room, lower overall buildout costs (and investment recoup should you need to relocate), and the ability to re-utilize the system more easily when you do relocate!
  • Contact us to discuss best optins for your situation.







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