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Configuration Considerations

Every AUGSPURGER® system is custom configured for the room it is going into, taking into account room volume, listening distance, placement, acoustic treatments and more to ensure the most accurate and exciting full-range sound reproduction, no matter the content being produced in that room.

But, we’re not finished here. Our durable standard matte black and silver finishes fit elegantly into any environment and custom finishes can be ordered to match any décor and add to your personal vibe! If you like that lime green on your Lambo, you can have it on your speakers!

If you’ve been dreaming of upgrading to a truly modern Augspurger® monitor system we know the decision making process can be daunting. That’s why we enjoy nothing more than speaking with you – our prospective clients and hopeful members of the Augspurger® family – about which system configuration is best for you, your work, your room and your budget. We invite you to take advantage of our design expertise, acoustical resources, workflow planning and facilities layout experience. We live in the highest rule of audio production – you must trust what you hear!

Every gesture and decision stems from your trust in your monitor system, from first mic placement to final mix print. Give us a call or drop us an email. We’d love to be part of your next exciting project. And to welcome you to the Augspurger® family.









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