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The Augspurger® Power Curve

Many customers comment on how their workflow and listening habits are changed through their use of Augspurger® monitors. Of course, they love the thrill of club or concert level listening and the excitement of clean and accurate sound reproduction even when the volume goes up, up, up! Sure, some of our customers love to work at the extreme but just as many say they’ve actually been listening at lower levels than they used to.

Why? Because Augspurger® monitors provide a full and realistic response at all levels. So, whether you want to work at 80dB, 100dB or even 120 dB you can count on accuracy, clarity and full balanced sound. When every component plays its part so perfectly, the “system” is realized. It’s like a great orchestra coming together – many instruments creating wonderful cohesive music and acting as one.

The Augspurger® power curve allows you to resolve the quietest ppp passages and the loudest fff crescendos with total confidence. It is not an accident our systems receive high praise from top producers, artists, engineers and record labels worldwide.

Our customers create and operate in the land of handcrafted artistry. And that’s exactly how every Augspurger® system is conceived. Designed, built and tested in Hanover, MA USA.






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