MSR Studios NYC

MSR Studios in NYC recently upgraded their monitor system with the GA-215H customized with a Supertweeter, and GA-118S Subwoofers.

The Village Studios

State of the art multi room recording facility in Guangzhou China chooses Augspurger GA-215H and GA-218S for their main monitor system.

Jungle City

New York’s hottest new studio complex installs Augspurger Main Monitor Systems in all 3 control rooms.

Augspurger Active DSP Main Monitor Systems

Pro Audio Devices is the Exclusive Manufacturer and Distributor of Augspurger
Active DSP Main Monitor Systems.

Visit any of the top studios that record Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Reggae, Dance
Music and R&B, and you’ll probably see monitors like these mounted in the
wall, or freestanding. Why? Because they are remarkably accurate even at low
listening levels, but more importantly, THEY ARE INCREDIBLY POWERFUL! From
the smooth detailed high frequencies, to the earth rattling sub-frequencies,
Augspurger Active DSP monitors are individually tuned to your room, and provide
a reference standard listening environment where recording and mixing decisions
can be made with confidence.

Systems are available pre-configured and ready for installation, or can be
customized with your choice of electronics, drivers, finish, and even cabinet
dimensions (to retrofit to existing soffits). So whether you are building a new
room from scratch, or upgrading an existing room, we have a monitor solution
for you.

But don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself why the world’s finest
studios and listening environments choose Augspurger Active DSP Main Monitor