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Augspurger® introduces the Solo 12 MF Compact Main Monitor

Two-way Solo 12MF stand-alone Main Monitor w/ powerhouse DSP-Tunable amps, 600w/side.There way Solo 12MF with optional 1X12 sub gets down to 22Hz at a total system wattge of 2200WAugspurger® introduces the Solo 12 MF Compact Main Monitor Anaheim, CA Jan 21, 2016Hot on the heels of 2015’s TEC Award Nominated Duo-8 MiniMain,Augspurger® Monitors of Pembroke, MA has announced the release of another new-generation studio monitor, the Solo-12 MF (MidField). The free-standing active speaker uses a single12” low/low-mid driver along with the new smaller “MF” horn which was introduced last year with the Duo-8. Power is provided by on-board high definition amps delivering 600watts per side. Like all new-generation Augspurger® monitors, the system is fully DSP-tunable to any environment.“Given its compact size and powerful-punchy sound, I see this as being the perfect main-monitor for LOTS of studios,” said Drew Townson, Augspurger® product manager. “Mount a pair of Solo-12s on stands, even in a smaller control-room, and even without a sub, and you have a real main that will knock the lights out of any big, in-wall system you’ve ever heard,” Townson said.The system, which offers optional subwoofers in 2 X 12” and 18” sizes, is also a budget breakthrough for Augspurger®. Entry level price is $13,000 for a Solo-12 MF two-way system.“Going three-way by adding a sub will increase the depth and range of the system for those who need thunderous bottom to 20hz” said Augspurger® president Dave Malekpour. “But, for the majority of engineers, you’re going to get everything you need with the two-way cabinet. It’s already extended down to 28hz.”“One of the things we find with Augspurger® is that producers tend to use them more and more over time for tracking, mixing, etc, while eventually abandoning their other monitors. They’re not just using the Augspurgers® for ‘loud,’ they are making all critical tracking, mixing and mastering decisions on them. The trust is there. After a while, the old NS10s start collecting dust. The Solo-12 MF is the poster-child for that one monitor you’ll ever need for anything and everything,” said Townson.“That’s what we do,” quipped Malekpour, “We make the MAIN monitor that you will use!”The new Augspurger® Solo 12 MF can be seen and heard at Pro Audio Distribution’s NAMM Booth 6510, Hall A, January 21 through 24, 2016. See attached spec sheet for more details.For more information, contact Drew Townson: drew@augspurger.comAugspurger® dealers:USA: Pro Audio Design Vintage King Audio Wind Over The EarthUK/EU: Miloco Gear
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Augspurger® Solo 12MF Up for 32nd NAMM TEC Award

For the second year in a row, a new Augsurger monitor system has been nominated for a NAMM TEC Award in the category of Technical Excellence in Studio Monitors.Augspurger’s® new Solo 12MF is a powerful and compact active reference monitor is ideal for tracking, mixing, and mastering, featuring Augspurger®'s renowned DSP-based tuning capabilities. Free-standing or soffitable, the single 12” cabinet is built around the breakthrough “MF” (MidField) horn, which was introduced in 2015 with the TEC-nominated Duo 8 MiniMian. The Solo 12MF is a perfect design for smaller control rooms with a tighter zone between the monitors and the mix position.Augspurger® Solo12The system pushes 650 watts per side and extends down to 30 hertz without a sub. Add any of the optional subwoofer packages - 1X12, 2X12m 1X18 and 2X18 - and you get a 3-way system boasting 1650 per side and bass extension to 20hz.
The MF horn has opened up a whole new range of monitor solutions for engineers with limited space. They may have thought they couldn’t have a true main monitor due to lack of distance between the front wall and mix position. The 30% smaller horn enables free standing monitors in the midfield area, as close as 5ft from the mixer.
~Dave Malekpour, president of Augspurger® and designer of the Solo 12.Solo 12 MF pricing starts at $13,000 for a stereo two-way system.The 32nd Annual TEC awards ceremony will be January 21, 2017 during the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA.
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