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Augspurger Monitors Debuts Duo 8 “Mini-Main” System

The sound of Augspurger is still massive – but the famed speakers are getting more and more manageable for compact spaces.
[caption id="attachment_55736" align="alignright" width="216" class="fbx-instance"]The Duo 8, shown here atop the optional S12 sub, is set to debut at NAMM. The Duo 8, shown here atop the optional S12 sub, is set to debut at NAMM.[/caption]
At NAMM, Augspurger Monitors, of Pembroke, MA will announce the launch of their new Duo 8 System, which they are referring to as the first true “Mini-Main” in the Augspurger line. It features the footprint of a midfield — so the free standing, fully active system can allow a much wider range of control rooms to be an Augspurger environment. According to the company, there is no tradeoff in sonic performance, precision or power in the smaller format speakers as compared to the larger Augspurgers. It’s dimensions are just 16-inches wide by 17-inches deep, at a starting price of $15,000/pair. This debut follows the introduction of the Augspurger 12.3 DSP in July, 2014. The first Augspurger Duo 8 system, including S12 subs, will be on display at the Pro Audio Distribution booth # 6411 at the NAMM show, Jan 22 through 25 in Anaheim. Here are more details, as provided by Augspurger: Augspurger Duo 8 System: The Duo 8 is a small-format main studio monitor built around Augspurger’s newly-deigned smaller maple horn with it’s pure beryllium diaphragm, along with dual ferrite magneted eight-inch low/mid drivers. The horn offers extremely efficient response and smoothness for accurate, natural and pleasing high frequency without the limits associated with dome or ribbon tweeters. The Duo 8 system is powered by Augspurger DSP-3/2000 three-way DSP-controlled D-Class power amps with a total of 2000 watts and supplies power for the optional Augspurger S12 single 12” subwoofer. The system can be purchased with or without subs depending on room size and SPL desired. Amplifiers are rear-mounted in to the main cabinets and include software to allow the user or qualified tuning specialist to adjust EQ, phase and crossover to the room and engineer’s preference. The amps have extremely fast transient response, low distortion and extreme detail. With the factory tuning the speaker will perform to mastering-level accuracy, while delivering the high SPL output suited for today’s production requirements; characteristics heretofore afforded by the larger Duo 12 or Duo 15 systems. Duo 8 boasts flat response from 30hz to 20Khz without the sub, and extends down to 20hz when coupled with either S12, S212, S18 or S218 subwoofers.The system is capable of 118db SPL. The Duo 8 system pictured is shown with optional Vintage Flametop maple baffle; standard finishes are Matte Black or Matte Silver. In short, Augspurger’s Duo 8 system is a Mini-Main that packs big speaker power, precision and performance into a smaller package for midfield or main-monitor applications. Pricing starts at $15,000 per pair. Dimensions are 26”H x 16” W x 17” Deep. Augspurger will be at NAMM Booth 6411 in Hall A, for more information or to schedule a demo contact Drew Townson. Drew@augspurger.com
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