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SUB18 mk2
passive subwoofer

Augspurger® SUB18 mk2 passive subwoofer


The Augspurger SUB18 mk2 with Even Pressure Porting was developed to improve driver performance by balancing air pressure inside the cabinet. With the mk2 revision we have been able to decrease vent velocity while also lowering the tuning and increasing the power handling to 2250 watts without distortion. This results in a deep and flat frequency response of +/- 6dB from 22Hz to 150hz before bass management. The Sub 18 mk2 is capable of 126 dB SPL @ 41 Hz (-6 dB @ 27Hz) at 1m to provide an abundance of head room.

Immerse yourself in a MinimaX

Featuring a newly developed patent-pending, solid maple rotatable MinimaX horn driven by a 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm in a 1.4” compression driver, and paired with a specialized 6.5” high-power woofer to deliver true Augspurger® monitoring experience in near-field environments.

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