As far back as the late 1950's, a young speaker-designer at JBL named George Augspurger knew the acoustic signature, or sound of a recording/mixing control room was the most important, yet often overlooked aspects of recording studio design.  As an acoustician and engineer, Augspurger set out to design both control-rooms and monitors that worked in-concert to produce an accurate soundstage for professional studios, providing a balanced and natural response without reflections or frequency anomalies.   

By the 1970's Augspurger was designing an advanced monitor system using dual 15" drivers built around a radial HF horn. The horizontal configuration and revolutionary cabinet design, meant to be front-wall mounted above the mixing position, became an industry standard for it's power and accuracy. An integrated external rack of power-amps, crossover and multi-band EQ made Augspurger's system the world's first active monitor concept. 

In the 1990's, Augspurger's design became so popular and common, it was being built "DIY" by studios that had no connection or involvement with Mr. Augspurger. Today's Augspurger, led by speaker and acoustic designer Dave Malekpour, DID work with George on a few projects in the 90's, giving Dave access to the technology and the inspiration to carry the concepts forward with a fresh approach and a focus on how to modernize and improve the Augspurger sound.