The Technology and Craft of Augspurger

 For over 20 years, Dave Malekpour of the Boston-based PAD Group has designed monitor systems to work within the known acoustic parameters of a studio. He has worked with hundreds of the recording industry’s top artists, engineers and studios.

Using concepts originally based on the legendary studio monitors designed by George Augspurger in the 1970s and 1980s, Malekpour updated and evolved the monitors with new vertical cabinet designs, employing new drivers and advanced electronics with modern DSP tuning control.

Going Vertical: Augspurger's modern 2X15 system in Miami, the "Duo 15V"

 Augspurger's proprietary DSP deploys a combination of crossovers, filters, delay and phase adjustment, creating the the hallmark of our sound; a large, accurate sweet spot where crucial listening decisions can be made with confidence. These custom hand-crafted systems deliver unparalleled power, impact, and accuracy throughout an extremely wide dynamic range, delivering a visceral and 3-dimensional soundstage like no other. 

The beautiful TEC-nominated Duo 8 MiniMain, introduced in 2015

 New technology is only part of the picture. The next gen Augspurger systems are designed to serve a much wider range of the studio world, in terms of budget and space limitations. More of today’s studios are smaller and do not have the option of flush-mounted mains. This is why Augspurger now offers self-powered free-standing Mains in many sizes and for almost any budget.

Gone are the heavy and expensive racks of amps with external crossover. No longer does the studio need to build soffits in to the wall.

 Since the launch of the modern Augspurger company in 2011, many new products have been introduced, including the 2016 TEC Award Nominated Duo 8 Mini-main monitor, the Duo 12, the 2017 TEC nominated Solo 12MF, and Snoop Dogg's massive Quattro system, aka the "DOGGspurger."  Yes, we still build an updated version of the Classic Dual 15 system.

All Augspurger systems are hand-built by master craftsmen in Greater Boston, MA, USA, using only the finest materials. Each and every system is constructed, assembled, wired and tested, one at a time.

The best part is, the world’s finest studio monitors now are available to all.

*Augspurger of Hanover, MA is not affiliated with George Augspurger.