Augspurger On-Site Tuning


One of the many things that makes the Augspurger sound superior to others, is that each system is personally custom-tuned, or calibrated, to it's unique listening environment. Every room is acoustically different, and there's no "one size fits all" solution in the world of monitoring. What sets Augspurger apart from other monitors is that our Class-D DSP driven amplifiers are equipped with ultra-comprehensive tuning capabilities.

Augspurger's DSP Plate Amplifiers and screenshot of tuning software.

Parameters include crossover, EQ, time-alignment, phase, and more. Once your monitors are delivered and placed roughly in their correct spots, an expert Augspurger tuning technician will come to your studio and work with you to tune the system to perfectly to your room. This may involve tweaking the monitor placement, as well as the actual electronic system tuning. The ideal sonic "curve" can then be stored to be recalled if needed. Multiple curves can be dialed-in, stored, and re-loaded into the system. For instance, you can have the "flat" tuning, which would be the most accurate and trustworthy mixing EQ. But you might also have a "house" tuning designed to blow your customers away with the enormous power and low-end impact of an Augspurger system. Training on the system software is part of the tuning process. Augspurger offers continuing after-support to make sure your tuning is always up to spec.