The Augspurger Story

In 1999, Unique Recording, a well known New York studio, contacted Boston-based pro audio systems consultant Dave Malekpour looking for a new main monitor system. Unique needed something that could handle the extreme playback levels desired by urban artists, while also providing an accurate and inspiring sound stage for the engineer and producer to work with. This led to the first Augspurger system to be built and installed by Malekpour, designed by George Augspurger himself. (Augspurger had designed legendary studios in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and was known for his custom monitors, around which the rest of the studio was designed).

Dave found the sound of the speakers to be surprisingly open and articulate, while also seeing opportunity to improve the sound and consistency of them through further engineering.

Since then, Malekpour and his team have built and installed hundreds of pairs of Augspurger-based monitors. They can be found in most of the top studios in NYC LA and Miami, including Jungle City, Quad Studios, Hit Factory, Sony, MSR Recording, Blast Off recording, and many others.

In 2012, Dave Malekpour launched Augspurger Monitors* as a manufacturing company, focusing on studio reference main and mid-field monitors. Today’s range of fully-active, DSP driven “smart” monitors are based on Augspurgers original designs, as well as newly-innovated products that address the expanding needs of studio owners.

In the decades since Augspurger’s original designs were made, a number of new drivers, amplifiers and system-management tools have been introduced to the market. Always looking for the best, Augspurger monitors are now built with custom drivers developed specifically for their application, including a custom Beryllium diaphragm.

In early 2016, Malekpour acquired Digmoda amplifiers, after using and customizing their Class D amplifiers with DSP control. This incorporation into the Augspurgers give them the ability to be customized, enabling the speakers to now be tuned to match the acoustic signature of the room in which they are installed.

Malekpour serves as Augspurger’s master tuning technician, personally tuning every Augspurger system sold, then storing the perfect “curve” in the system memory. The client has the ultimate custom-voiced playback environment to hear his creations.

* Augspurger of Hanover, MA is not affiliated with George Augspurger.

New technology is only part of the picture. The next gen Augspurger systems are designed to serve a much wider range of the studio world, in terms of budget and space limitations. More of today’s studios are smaller and do not have the option of flush-mounted mains. This is why Augspurger now offers self-powered free-standing Mains in many sizes and for almost any budget.

Gone are the heavy and expensive racks of amps with external crossover. No longer does the studio need to build soffits in to the wall.

Since the launch of the modern Augspurger Monitors, many new products have been introduced, including the 2016 TEC Award Nominated Duo 8 Mini-main monitor system, the Duo 12, and the 2017 TEC nominated Solo 12MF. Now the world’s best studio monitors are available to all.

The Craft of Augspurger

All Augspurger systems are hand-built by master craftsmen in Hanover, MA, USA, using only the finest materials.

Every system is constructed, assembled, wired and tested, one at a time.

I absolutely love and trust my Augspurgers. They make my mixes - and my LIFE -better! Dave Pensado, Grammy winning mix engineer.


I absolutely love and trust my Augspurgers. They make my mixes - and my LIFE -better!

Dave Pensado, Grammy winning mix engineer and host of "Pensado's Place."

Augspurger? That my sound!

Teddy Riley, legendary R'n'B producer.

The Augspurger Duo 8's have changed the way I mix! Gorgeous imaging detail and depth. But it was the transient response that really got me! That's why I mixed (Coldplay's) "Adventure of a Lifetime" on them."

Rik Simpson, Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer.

Dave (Malekpour) is the best sound man! My Augspurger Quattro system is dope on dope!

Snoop Dogg, Artist, Producer, Actor, Hip Hop Mastermind.

My Duo 8's are absolutely stunning, man! I love them so damn much!

Tony Anderson, award-winning film/tv composer.

Even without the subs on, the Duo 8 were the best monitors in the shootout. Once the subs were switched on, it was lights-out, game-over!

Richard Gibbs, film composer and owner of Woodshed Recording.