Dogg's Beach City Goes Augspurger.

If you’re Snoop Dogg, you don’t just build a studio, you build a COMPLEX. You don’t compromise, and you don’t settle for less than the best. If you’re Snoop, you go big. That’s why Snoop and his top advisor, producer DJ Pooh, knew right from the start that their new Beach City complex in Inglewood, CA would have Augspurger monitors. 

Snoop with the Quattro 10K - even taller than he is...

Beach City is more than a recording facility, it’s a creative hive for the Hip-Hop mogul’s many endeavors; music, film, video and more. The 20,000 square foot building near LAX has more indoor space than some airline terminals. At the hub of this complex is “The Compound,” a trio music studios which range in size and purpose from production suite, to tracking/mixing studio, to “The Mothership,”  Snoop’s huge, spaceship-like A-Room. 

B-Room, aka "The Battleship" with an upgraded Classic System.

All three of the control-rooms are built around Augspurger main monitoring systems. The Mothership has the largest and most powerful system built to-date. Its 10,000 watts drives a pair of 4X15, each sitting above a 2X18” sub. If you did the math, that’s eight 15” drivers and four 18” woofers.  A pair of Augspurger ultra-precision Class-D three-way amps with extensive DSP tunability is at the core of the system.

Snoop with his "Best Sound Man," Augspurger president, Dave Malekpour.

Augspurger president, owner and designer Dave Malekpour describes his fist meeting with DJ Pooh: “ We brought a set of Duo 8’s over to the studio, and we were scheduled for one to two hour listening demo. It turned into a whole day of listening to his entire music history!  It was an amazing opportunity to really connect with him and to discuss what Snoop really wanted, which was evolving as the rooms were being built.” 

“We knew we were going to need three things,” says Malekpour, “big volume, clarity, and  a consistent sonic curve across all three rooms.” This is why the modern DSP in Augspurger systems is an indispensable tool. After installation of the Augspurgers, Malekpour spent a day in the Mothership tuning and creating “Snoop’s Curve.” That sonic signature was then saved and applied to the B-Room, which has a pair of Augspurger Classic 215H each with 2X18 subs. The C-Room’s Solo 12MF’s were treated the same way, thereby creating a virtually identical frequency response from one system to the other. 

All three rooms are now on-line, tuned up and sounding incredible. Snoop himself is over the moon. As he said to Malekpour while grooving out to tracks in the freshly tuned Mothership, “These speakers are dope on dope!” 


Snoop’s A-Room, “The Mothership,” Augspurger System: Quattro 10Kw, pair 4X15 mains w/ pair 2X18 subs.