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Levels Episode 2: Dave Malekpour

The second episode of the 'Levels' podcast episode featuring Augspurger® founder and Pro Audio Desigs Inc (PAD) president, Dave Malekpour is now available to listen to on Headliner Radio. Dave recently sat down with Dan Gumble to talk about the significant impact his uniquely special monitors have had on the hip-hop industry, the evolution of studio technology, and his collaborations with music legends such as Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, among other insights throughout his 30+ year career in the audio business.

For a more in-depth look into what goes behind building such a prolific portfolio in the pro audio industry.

Keep an eye out for additional podcast episodes dropping in the coming weeks! In the next one, we reflect back on 50 years of Hip-Hop history written in the legendary Quad Studios in NYC.

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Cover Story: Inside Jaycen Joshua’s Canton House Studios

Seven-time Grammy-winning engineer Jaycen Joshua spent the early part of the pandemic working with Dave Malekpour of Professional Audio Design on the build-out of his new multi-room, stereo and Atmos, residential facility, dubbed Canton House Studios. Photo: Chris Schmitt.

MIX Online’s article by Steve Harvey takes us on a journey through the sonic realm of Canton House Studios, the result of a collaborative venture between Grammy-Award winner mix engineer, Jaycen Joshua and Pro Audio Design’s founder and lead studio designer, Dave Malekpour.

Learn all about the “God Particle” plug-in by Cradle, the indispensable tool for Joshua's mix chain and how it became the center-piece of Canton House in the shape of his tailor-made custom console with built-in rack modules reflecting his in-the-box workflowTake a look at how Joshua’s house garage ultimately became an avant-garde studio in the midst of 2020’s pandemic. A setup, complete with Dolby Atmos-equipped devices and top-of-the-line Augspurger® monitors.

Delve into Jaycen’s workflow and read all about how he shaped the sound of Grammy and Oscar award winner singles such as “Despacito” and “Fight for You” within Canton house and his insights on immersive mixes and how the industry will change in the next 10 years.

All of this and more, in the full article below

Photos by Chris Schmitt

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Levels Episode 1: Christopher Coe

In the inaugural “Levels” Podcast by Headliner Magazine, electronic producer Christopher Coe joins forces with legendary DJ, producer & engineer Carl Cox to break limitations in the realm of electronic music.

Learn about their story, creative process, and how their partnership, in the form of their “Awesome Soundwave” label, explores uncharted territories with the help of cutting-edge Augspurger® DUO 8 studio monitors.To learn more about how these industry giants take advantage of the latest technology in HiFi Audio by Augspurger®, click the link below for the full podcast experience.

Stay tuned for new podcast installments in the upcoming weeks! In the next one, Augspurger® 's founder, Dave Malekpour, reflects on 30 years of experience in the audio industry and adds more professional insight into the business.

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Jaycen Joshua Featured by Mix Magazine – A-List Engineer Weaves Talent, Taste and a Personal Touch Into Canton House Studios

Read the full article here:

From the Article:

To understand the fundamentals of multi-Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Jaycen Joshua’s workflow, look no further than the God Particle. No, not the Higgs boson—the discovery of which, in 2012, advanced our understanding of particle physics—but rather the plug-in from developer Cradle. The God Particle plug-in, launched in early 2023, is the distillation of Joshua’s essential
analog mix chain, crafted and developed during 13 years at Larrabee Studios in Los Angeles, where he worked with and was mentored by Dave Pensado. It’s the only plug-in he uses on
his mix bus.

Joshua eventually left Larrabee to build his own Canton House Studios in the hills above L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, in collaboration with Dave Malekpour and his Professional Audio Design, Inc. team. A console-sized desk housing the analog embodiment of the God Particle and Malekpour’s Augspurger main monitors dominate Joshua’s mix room, which is in the house’s former garage. In what used to be a guesthouse, separated from the mix room by a multi-function studio space, is a Dolby Atmos equipped room where mix engineer Mike Seaberg frequently works. Upstairs, there are all the amenities of a high-end home, including four bedrooms available for clients—Joshua lives elsewhere—as well as workstations for Joshua’s mix assistants. All new. All reflecting Joshua’s style and his way of working. It’s a pretty sweet setup.

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Harmony and Heritage: A Journey Through 50 Years of Hip Hop at The Hip Hop Museum with Augspurger® Monitors

The Hip Hop Museum’s Reggie Peters (Director of Marketing and Visitor Services), Eric Orr, (Artist In Residence & Gift Shop Manager) and Elai Tubo (Sound Curator & Engineer) reflect on 50 years of hip hop from NYC's Quad Studios, explain the concept of The Hip Hop Museum – located at the birthplace of hip hop in the South Bronx – the birth and growing mainstream popularity of the genre, the evolution of studio technology, why hip hop is a reflection of the human experience and how Augspurger® Monitors have shaped hip hop as we know it.
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