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Augspurger® Monitors appoints Ding Dong Audio as official distributor in China

Ding Dong Audio will be responsible for growing Augspurger’s presence in the Chinese market.

HANOVER, MA: Leading specialist loudspeaker manufacturer, Augspurger® Monitors, has announced the appointment of Ding Dong Audio as its official distributor in China. This strategic partnership is aimed at expanding Augspurger’s presence in the Chinese market, catering to a growing demand for large, high-end speaker systems among music professionals.

Ding Dong Audio is the new distributor of Augspurger® Monitors in China

Ding Dong Audio, founded in 2008 and based in Shenyang, China, is one of the country's largest pro audio distributors. With exclusive distribution rights for over 30 international brands and sixteen years of experience in the industry, the company boasts an expansive 2000sq.m warehouse facility, and an impressive portfolio of services, including planning, design, installation, and post-sales support for premier recording facilities and private clients in the region. 

This new partnership aligns with Ding Dong Audio’s mission to serve the growing demand for large speaker systems in China, with Augspurger’s reputation for exceptional sound quality and incredible accuracy making it the perfect solution for the region’s thriving music and professional recording scene, particularly in the electronic and hip-hop music genres. 

Ding Dong Audio’s distribution strategy for Augspurger speakers will encompass targeted promotions via social media and key platforms including TikTok and WeChat, and engaging collaborations with key influencers in the recording industry, bolstering the Augspurger brand within the electronic music domain, and broadening its reach across various musical genres.

Ding Dong Audio CEO, Dong Ding

Dong Ding, CEO of Ding Dong Audio, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership.

“We are thrilled to represent Augspurger Monitors in China. Our aim is to forge a lasting, synergistic relationship with the brand, elevating its presence and market share in China. Our combined efforts will focus not only on boosting speaker sales, but also on promoting the brand’s cutting-edge audio technology.”

Dave Malekpour, President of Augspurger Monitors, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Augspurger Monitors has always been dedicated to delivering unparalleled sound and exceptional service. Ding Dong Audio is not just a distributor for us, but a valuable partner, with a shared vision and commitment to excellence, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Augspurger in Asia. We look forward to seeing our speaker systems become an integral part of the music creation process in this vibrant market."

For more information on Ding Dong Audio, please visit

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Levels Episode 6: Echo | Inside the LAB Studios

In this week’s Augspurger “Levels” Podcast episode, Paul Irizarry a.k.a. ECHO talks us through his career so far and gives us a breakdown of the technology behind his newest producing/mixing space - LAB Studios, Miami.

ECHO is a multiple Latin Grammy award-winner producer/engineer who has helped shape the sound of Latin music for over 20 years, having worked with the likes of Maluma, Tego Calderón, Ricky Martin and Pitbull, to name a few.

From inside the LAB Studios, ECHO talks about how the space acts as both a private and a commercial producing/mixing environment. The Augspurger Duo 8s with Duo 12” were installed in the space a little over a year ago and in ECHO’s words: “They hit and they sound good on everything".

Find the link to the full interview below and take a deep dive into ECHO’s thoughts on the Augspurger system’s stereo imaging capabilities, incredible ear fatigue management at high levels, and signal cleanliness.

In his interview on Headliner Magazine, ECHO shares more on how the Dolby Atmos system and how Augspurger monitors play a key role in his process.

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Levels Episode 5: Delanie Leyden | Quick Off the Block

In the latest episode 'Levels’ podcast, hosted by Headliner, accomplished Audio engineer, producer, and singer/songwriter, Delanie Leyden shares an in-depth look at her career to date. She has worked with the biggest names in the music industry, including DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Mac Miller. Just recently, Dealnie added another legend to the list, having collaborated on a project with Busta Rhymes on his latest album, “Blockbusta".

In this episode, Delanie walks us through her history with Augspurger® Monitors. From the first moment she started working with them in ‘Penthouse’ studios to now being so accustomed to the sound, she gets 'disappointed' when entering a room without them.

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Levels Episode 4: Jean-Marie Horvat | ‘Chaos is the best recipe’

Jean-Marie Horvat, five-times Grammy nominated, multi-platinum mixer, writer and producer joins Dan Gumble from Headliner Magazine in their 4th instalment of the ‘Levels’ podcast. Take a deep dive into Horvat’s career, from his early desire to become a rock producer to how his career path led him to become one of the most prolific R&B and Hip-Hop producers/technicians of the last decades.

Learn all about how Jean-Marie first encountered Augspurger® monitoring systems while workingthe legendary Michael Jackson record, ‘Dangerous’, and how the custom Augspurger® Solo 8s helped shape the sound of all his mixes. Click below for the full podcast experience:

New podcasts are coming! Stay tuned for the next episode featuring Audio engineer, producer, and singer songwriter Delanie Leyden! .

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Levels Episode 3: 50 Years of Hip-Hop Quad Studios NYC

In the latest episode of the “Levels” Podcast (hosted by Headliner), join Reggie Peters (Director of Marketing and Visitor Services), Eric Orr (Artist in Residence & Gift Shop Manager), and Elai Tubo (Sound Curator & Engineer) from The Hip Hop Museum interviewed at NYC's Quad Studio, as they reminisce about 50 years of hip hop.

Explore the roots and rise of hip hop into mainstream culture, tracing its journey alongside the evolution of studio technology, and gain insights into the concept behind The Hip Hop Museum, strategically located in the genre's birthplace - the South Bronx. They also discuss the pivotal role Augspurger® Monitors has played in shaping the sound of Hip Hop and how it continues to elevate studio monitoring experiences for top engineers and artists alike.

Don’t miss out on future podcasts in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned for the next episode featuring Five-times Grammy nominated, multi-platinum mixer, writer and producer Jean Marie Horvat.

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